DanceWest Party!

Celebrate and get the party started! Our parties are designed to engage children in a high energy, dynamic dance environment. We can deliver the party at your home or party venue! We have a large team of dance teachers who prepare and lead the class according to the age group, number of children attending. We absolutely love creating a party bespoke to you, tell us your child’s favourite songs, favourite dance style or if your party has a theme?

Here are some examples of previous parties:

For Children under 3 years

  • Sensory dance party

  • Paw patrol themed dance party

  • Tiger who came to tea party

For Children 4+

  • Unicorns and Mermaid Party

  • Ballet Party

  • Pirate themed dance party

For Children 7-16 years!

  • Hip Hop and Contemporary dance party

  • Salsa and Flamenco party

  • High school musical themed party

  • Nutcracker themed dance party

How much does it cost? From £200 for up to 30 children to participate.

What does this include?

  • Up to an hour of party games and dance teaching

  • Two dance teachers

  • A sound system

  • A bespoke soundtrack

  • Props tailored to your theme

Can I add extras?

  • Dance themed stickers £1 per child

  • Certificates £2 per child

  • DanceWest Tote bag £5 per child

  • DanceWest T-shirt £10 per child

Where are the parties? DanceWest comes to you! We can deliver the dance party in a living room, hall or a garden! We are a partner at Lyric Hammersmith and we can deliver a party in our professional Dance Studio!

Do you provide food? We promise to provide fantastic entertainment for your party and help make lovely memories but we do not provide catering!

Do I need to provide any equipment? No, we have it covered! We provide a sound system and props needed,

Who will the teacher be? Can I meet them before the party? Our team have a large team of teachers. Once we confirm the date we will share the teachers biography, DBS number, insurance with you. For groups of children 20+ we invite two teachers to deliver the party!

Do I need to book a long time in advance? We advise you book with plenty of time (1 month advisable). However, it is always worth asking about our availability even last minute.

How do I book? To book call  0208 741 6850 or email