DanceWest Parties - Bronze Package

Personal dance class in chosen style leading to performance and photo opportunity.

At a DanceWest DanceKids party you get an hour-long personal dance class for you and your friends with a professional Dancer! We have a large team of Dance Artists who can lead the class to your favourite song in the dance style of your choice. All parties will lead to an exciting performance to parents and other guests, and are tailored to suit all ages and abilities!

Dance styles to choose from: Hip-hop, Ballet, Contemporary, Flamenco…

Got a personal request? Ask us!

Got a favourite song?  Tell us!

How long? 1 hour

What else? Fantastic, age-appropriate and energetic warm up games, dance stickers and of course a happy birthday routine!  

Who? 1-18! Tell us the age of your party and we’ll tailor the class accordingly. We have a huge community of dancers who love DanceWest classes including teenagers and little ones.

Where? We come to you! As long as we have an uncluttered space to move, we will travel to your chosen location and get party ready! You can host your party at the Lyric Hammersmith at an extra hire cost.

How much? £150 (up to 25 children) £180 (25 children plus) 

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