Mums Movement

Free weekly dance classes for mums and babies every Wednesday morning in November, at Randolph Beresford Children’s Centre

Combining dance, ballet and post-natal pilates, Mum’s Movement is for mothers and their babies (up to one-year old) during the postpartum recovery period. Supporting your body through rehabilitation and giving you a safe workout, Mum’s Movement classes give mothers the opportunity and freedom to exercise in a baby-friendly environment. 

Having a baby involves a lot of new responsibility and many changes, physically as well as socially. Many women experience postnatal depression or low mood following childbirth. Engaging in light physical exercise and socialising with others helps new mothers to feel connected and supported. 

Our classes encourage you to be aware of, and attentive to the physical changes within this crucial first year, and will gently restore your strength. As well as aiding in postnatal recovery, the sessions also provide an opportunity to socialise and meet other new mums in your area. Please bring a blanket for your baby. Soft play and mats are provided. 

Free classes are on Wednesdays from 10.30am-11.30am on

7 November

14 November

21 November

28 November

Classes are at the Randolph Beresford Children’s Centre, New Zealand Way, London W12 7DE.