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Bolder not Older is a free dance programme for older adults aged 65+ in sheltered accommodation, care homes and health and wellbeing centres. Bolder not Older responds to the need to tackle loneliness, social and economic isolation and improve health and wellbeing of older people 65+ in West London. Our classes improve mobility, posture, balance and coordination and are for seated and standing participants. 

Bolder not Older was launched in 2015 in response to a survey we produced in partnership with arts, health and wellbeing teams in Hammersmith & Fulham. Bolder not Older is an inclusive programme that offers classes for active and  vulnerable adults with long term health conditions, disabilities and limited mobility. Our youngest participant is 65 and our oldest dancer is 98 years old. 

Makes us feel more alive! - Frank, St Charles

The staff are good, we have a laugh. I’ve met a lot of people here who I get on with - my dancing buddy. If I didn’t like it, you wouldn’t see me here. - Mary, Age UK

The dancing, music and people are wonderful. - Jenny, St Charles

It is very helpful for my knees and helped improve my arm movements a lot. - Sybil, Sycamore

I really enjoy the classes, it’s something I look forward to. -Erma, St Charles

Bolder not Older Classes

We deliver six classes a week in Hammersmith & Fulham and Kensington and Chelsea. Below is our public programme, no booking is required but further information is available at: 

Tuesdays Age UK Hammersmith & Fulham

When: Tuesday 12.00-13.00 

Where: Age Uk, Greyhound Road, Hammersmith W6 8NJ. 

Spring term dates: Tuesday 16 January - Tuesday 27 March 2018. 

Summer term dates: Tuesday 17 April - Tuesday 26th June 2018. 


Wednesdays - Sycamore House Hammersmith

When: Wednesday 10.30-12.00

Where: Sycamore House, Sycamore Gardens, W6 0AS

Spring term dates:  Wednesday 17 January - Wednesday 28 March 2018. 

Summer term dates: Wednesday 18 April - Wednesday 27th June 2018. 


Wednesdays - St Charles Health Centre Kensington & Chelsea

When: Wednesday 14.00-15.00 

Where: St Charles Center, Exmoor Street, W10 6DZ

Spring term dates: Wednesday 17 January - Wednesday 28 March 2018. 

Summer term dates:  Wednesday 18 April - Wednesday 27th June 2018. 


Thursdays - Peabody Estate Hammersmith

When: Thursday  11.00-12.00 

Where: Tenants Hall, Peabody Estate, Fulham Palace Road, W6 9PG

Spring term dates: Thursday 18 January - Thursday 29 March 2018. 

Summer term dates:  Thursday 19 April - Thursday 28 June 2018. 

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